What is Chinatown Futures? 

Chinatown Futures is a zine initiative that seeks to archive and amplify Asian American voices during a time of critical social change and rapid community response. Check out our work on Edition 1 and Edition 2!

Our Mission

Beyond the spatial delineations of a physical neighborhood, Chinatown is near and dear to our hearts for the memories and experiences that we share collectively with our family and friends. In the onset of COVID-19, Chinatown is rapidly transforming as community members find new ways to support one another in tandem with the shuttering of beloved community landmarks and businesses. This duality of importance needs to be documented and told.

In our practice, we recognize that Chinatown is not a monolith; there are a multitude of dialects, lived experiences, and cultures existing within the realm of “Chinatown”, all with their own stories. During a time when people are in quarantine, the connection to Chinatown might become distant and less concrete. For many, Chinatown has become a concept or a data point heard in the news. We are creating this zine as a reminder for ourselves, our friends, and our community. It is a record of the unpredictable period of change that a place we call home is undergoing and a testament to the future that it may hold.

Who is behind Chinatown Futures?

Chinatown Futures is a volunteer-based zine initiative dreamt up by three individuals working in the art and cultural space